How to Build a Successful Campaign

So, you created a Campus Causes campaign, now what? Once you’ve made the first step, it’s understandable to be a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out how to optimize the campaign and thrive in your fundraising efforts. To help you and your team be as successful as possible, we created this quick guide of five things you can do to elevate your campaign!

Check How Much Your Team Makes

Have your team check out the “How Much Can My Team Earn” page, and change the number of shopping trips as well as how many people are on your team. This tool can help your team realize how quickly your campaign can grow if you all use the Campus Causes platform effectively.

Make Sure to Link Your Credit Card

One lesser-known (but incredibly useful) feature of Campus Causes is the Linked Card System. Once you sign into your Campus Causes account, hover over your profile photo and select Linked Payment Card. Once your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express is linked you will instantly earn cash back from eligible stores.

Fill Out Your Campaign Info

When you create your campaign, you are able to share information about your organization and cause. Share who you are and what you are fundraising for! Not only will this help your friends and family know more about your campaign, but other users of Campus Causes may find your campaign and want to donate, too.

Take Advantage of the $5 Bonus

Every team member has the opportunity to bring in an additional $5 to the campaign after they make their first purchase. While $5 may not seem like much, if you have 5 people on your team, the campaign receives $25 of FREE money, plus the additional cash back from the purchases. There is a time limit for this once you start your campaign so take advantage while you can!

Get Cash Back for Team Bonding

Does your team ever travel for conferences, games, or events? You can get cash-back on hotels, car rentals, and airlines! Additionally, whether your team is out of town or not, everyone needs to eat. Check out the numerous restaurants that offer cash back on gift cards for club meetings or bonding events.

We hope these tips and tricks can help you create a successful campaign, but if at any point you run into problems, have questions, or just want some easy fundraising advice, our team is here to help!

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