Get Ready for Back-to-School with Campus Causes

For many students, there are just a few weeks left of summer break before it’s time to pack up and head back to campus, which means it’s time to start prepping for a new school year (new year, new you?). Whether you’re in need of a new laptop, a new school year wardrobe revamp, or some upgraded school supplies, Campus Causes can help fulfill all your back-to-school shopping needs while allowing you to support a meaningful cause on tons of campuses around the US.

To help get you ready to head back to campus in a few weeks, here are a few brands you can shop online who will donate a percentage of what you spend to any cause you choose, from Penn State THON to College Mentors for Kids to a club sports team at your university. 

Apple (Gives 1.5%): In need of a new laptop? Looking to treat yo’self (queue Parks and Recreation reference) to a new Apple Watch? Make sure you shop online and get 1.5% of your purchase donated to the cause of your choice.

HP (Gives up to 10%): Not an Apple person? No problem! There are plenty of awesome tech brands on Campus Causes to pick from, like HP, which will give up to 10% (yes, 10%!) to a meaningful cause while you get a brand new laptop or device for school. 

Target (Gives 1%): From school supplies to fashion to dorm room necessities, Target is certainly a favorite retailer among college students. Why not buy all your school essentials online and donate 1% while you’re at it. 

Chegg (Gives up to 5%): Arguably one of the most helpful tools available to shop on Campus Causes is Chegg, an online platform with academic resources for students, from homework help to tutoring to textbook rentals. Signing up for a membership through Campus Causes will also donate a percentage to a meaningful cause: win-win! 

Nike (Gives 10%): College students are pretty notorious for setting lofty exercise goals in new school years, but sometimes school and life takes priority and time away from a workout. Maybe some fresh workout gear will be just the motivation you need to get to the gym more often this year. Grab yourself a new pair of running shoes or a sweet t-shirt and donate 10% to the cause of your choice.

In addition to these five brands, Campus Causes partners with hundreds of brands to help college students reach their fundraising goals and support meaningful causes. Check out our complete list of participating brands and start shopping today. 

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