What is Campus Causes?

Since its initial launch in 2017, Newbridge Marketing Group’s Campus Causes has supported college students across the country by giving them a platform to raise money through donations and shopping. Unique from other popular fundraising platforms, CampusCauses.com, powered by FlipGive, the originator of “shop-to-raise” fundraising, allows supporters to shop brands, retailers, and restaurants online and in-store such as Apple, Nike, Target, Starbucks, Chipotle and hundreds more. Each transaction gives a percentage to a good cause headed by college students across the country.

When the virtual “doors” to Campus Causes first opened in 2017, Steve Schubert had a pretty good idea of how the platform would impact those who used it, especially college students. As the Co-Founder and Partner of Newbridge, Schubert had been working in the collegiate marketing business – helping brands connect with students – for 13 years when Campus Causes launched, so he already knew the target market fairly well. Nonetheless, one of the greatest parts of Campus Causes was the introduction to student organizations that he didn’t know existed. 

“It was great to be inspired by the people we met and the organizations that found us when we launched, whether it be a philanthropic group or a sports team,” Schubert said. “It made me want to go back to college.”

Something that really added to the excitement of launching Campus Causes for Newbridge was the partnership with THON, an organization started by students at Penn State and the largest student-led fundraising group in the world. THON has been using Campus Causes to raise funds since our launch, and other dance marathons and student organizations have followed suit. THON has a special place in the Campus Causes story. We were excited to have been able to do our part to support the organization’s total raise of over $10 million in 2019 and are looking forward to helping them reach their funding goals in 2020.

“Campus Causes has been an incredible partner to THON through student engagement, fundraising, and brand awareness,” said Regina Duesler, the 2019-20 Director of THON. “With hundreds of Penn State students enrolled in Campus Causes over the years, we have given student organizations a platform to shop their favorite brands, while supporting a cause they are passionate about.”

While the core of the platform is to help dance marathons, club sports teams, and other campus organizations raise money, Campus Causes also takes an integral role through social media and blogs that allow students to share their inspiring stories. Through the philosophy of “sharing the good,” we love to shine a spotlight on college students doing something they’re passionate about and helping others in a meaningful way. 

“We’re really tuned into student lifestyles, and we see this as something that not only provides an organic way for students to raise funds, but it also amplifies their voices and their stories,” Schubert said. “The press tends to pick up on a lot of negativity. Negative news sometimes carries the day, so Campus Causes is an opportunity to share the good. We welcome all to follow us on social media and send us some of the cool things your organization is doing.”

Director of Campus Causes Mark Marovich joined the team specifically for this special platform and really wanted to continue spreading the shop-to-raise concept, which he had been passionate about since his days working at FlipGive.

“What sealed the deal was the directive to bring this new type of fundraising to a digitally native generation whose DNA touts giving back and one who holds a collective expectation that brands need to play a part in this bettering of tomorrow,” Marovich said. “The ability to shop with hundreds of brands online and in-store to raise money is our secret sauce. Combining this with easy donations gives us an edge”.

So how does shop-to-raise + donations fundraising work? Student groups create a campaign for their cause and share it with friends, families, alumni, and other members of their campus communities. From there, anyone can shop or donate directly all year long to help college students reach their fundraising goals. 

So whether you’re a student leader looking for a new way to fundraise or collect donations for your cause or are looking for a unique way to support college students doing meaningful things, Campus Causes is the place to be.

You can learn more and start raising by visiting campuscauses.com.

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