Five acts of kindness to “share the good” at any time

At Campus Causes, we like to always think about “sharing the good” in any way we can. Whether it be a motivational quote, a shout out to some college students doing something amazing in their community, and, most importantly, providing a platform to let anyone help meaningful causes. While we love sharing the good in these ways, we think it’s important for everyone to be sharing the good in their everyday lives. In that spirit, here are five nice, unexpected things you can do for someone at any time.

Pay it forward at your favorite coffee shop

Offer to purchase coffee for the person behind you in line or in the drive thru. This can not only shine a bright spot on someone’s day, but it only costs a few dollars and is completely unexpected.

Put up some positive sticky notes

Write a note of appreciation and stick it on your roommate’s door or put some of your favorite motivational quotes on stickies throughout your office. This is an unexpected way to switch up the day-to-day grind and maybe even make someone smile while you’re at it.

Bake cookies for your roommate or neighbor

Not only are cookies delicious and easy to make, but who doesn’t love a sweet treat to liven up their day? This simple and unexpected act can bring a whole lot of sweetness to someone close to you.

Recognize a coworker for a job well done

Sometimes, we just need a little extra affirmation to let us know we are doing something right in our jobs or day-to-day lives. Taking five minutes to thank a coworker for helping you with a project or rocking a presentation at a business meeting can seriously put a smile on someone’s face and motivate them to keep it up.

Share something cute or funny on your social media

Social media these days is nearly at full capacity with information, photos, and news. Why not unexpectedly change up someone’s feed by sharing a cute video of a dog or some jokes that made you laugh. They will probably thank you for it.

If everyone went out of their way to do one nice thing for someone each day, we think the world would be a much better place.

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