Back to Campus Brands (That Earn You Cash Back)

It’s almost time to get back to campus, and there is no better time than now to start your school shopping with Campus Causes! Help raise money for your campaign while stocking up on everything you’ll need to make this school year great. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite brands to make sure you hit the ground running with all the essentials.

Dormify (Gives 4%): Does your dorm room or apartment look a little bland? Looking to make it your very own? Spice it up this year with Dormify. You can personalize everything from your bed spread and decor down to your storage space! Even if you don’t know exactly what you want, you can chat with a stylist online to get some expert advice.  

Urban Outfitters (Gives 2%): Want to update your wardrobe with the latest styles? Check out this season’s hottest fashion trends at Urban Outfitters. They’re sure to have everything you need to turn heads this fall.

Chegg (Gives 6%): Textbooks can be expensive – but with Chegg they don’t have to be. Grab your books for up to 90% off of the original price. Plus, with tutors for math, writing and more they’ll help you get prepared for all your classes.

HP Store (Gives up to 10%): Is it time to upgrade your technology? Look no further than the HP Store. They’ve got all the latest gadgets – from laptops and tablets to headphones, printers and everything in between. No matter your needs, the HP Store has you covered.

Starbucks Card (Gives 2%): Preparing for exams is never easy, but a good cup of coffee can make studying just a little bit better. Grab a Starbucks Card to stay focused and alert so when exam time comes around, you’ll be ready.

Shop these great brands and many more at Campus Causes to get ready for this school year and to keep raising money for your important causes!


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