Bowling Green State University Dodgeball Team Raises Funds with Campus Causes


With club dodgeball sweeping college campuses nationwide, we reached out to Reid Manger, a member of the Bowling Green State University Club Dodgeball team, to get the scoop on the day-to-day for him and his team. After learning more, it’s obvious they truly embody the meaning of dedication and drive to represent their university with victory. The team started raising funds through Campus Causes for their upcoming tournament at Virginia Commonwealth University in April and plan to continue using Campus Causes as a main form of funding their team to compete nationwide.

Take a look at Reid’s answers to some questions our Campus Causes team had about club dodgeball:

CC: What does your recruitment process look like going into a new season of club dodgeball?

RM: The recruitment process is really exciting and crazy. The university holds a “campus fest” every year where clubs and orgs set up tables to recruit. We set up a batting cage and record velocities with a radar gun for new prospective teammates. top throwers at the end of the day get a prize from the team. Anybody who signed up at our table and/or threw in the cage received an email from us later that night about practice times and then you wait to see who shows up from there. It’s also really cool to look back at the excel sheet I made with people’s velocity from the batting cage and compare that to how hard some of them throw now. Some of them are throwing over 20 mph harder than they did at campus fest because of all the work they’ve put into their throw and into the team.

CC: Who makes the best players, former baseball/softball/football players that know how to throw hard?

RM: The beauty about Dodgeball is that people can come and play from all kinds of backgrounds. The players that try out for the team really have no playing experience (including myself when I joined). Any athlete in high school has an opportunity to be good at this sport if they commit because there’s more to the game than just throwing. There’s strategy, catching, reaction time, speed, blocking, and passion aspects that can go into making a great player. We have former baseball, track, cross country, basketball, baseball, soccer, swim team, and football players on the team at this moment (and I might be even forgetting a sport or two). Dodgeball is for anyone.

CC: Who is your biggest rival?

RM: That’s a tough question. Different teams bring out different intensity levels with us. If I had to choose, though, right now it would be Kent State. Currently they’re our biggest competition for being considered the best team in Ohio. Last semester we edged them for that title, this semester they seem to have passed us again. We work hard every practice with the idea in mind to be considered the best in our state.

CC: How do you and your team celebrate a win?

RM: We celebrate our wins with the occasional party, but I think we’ll save any real partying until after the season is over when we’re celebrating our winningest season in program history. Until then, most of us just go home and relax after a tournament and wait until the next practice to focus on getting better for the next one. Tournament travel and participation make for long days, so most people aren’t usually in a big celebrating mood post tournament. It’s a great time though, we love it. The sport is expanding, and it’s an awesome thing to see. Any university that doesn’t have an NCDA team should definitely look into one, it’d be a welcome addition to any campus.

CC: Aside from Campus Causes, what else do you do to raise money?

RM: We are primarily self-funded by our players, with a little bit of help from the University. However, as costs rise we are just now looking at ways to create fundraising elsewhere. This Campus Causes campaign is our first step. Next fall, we are likely going to spend a weekend at a local amusement park and work different tents, which will be being our largest fundraiser unless our Campus Causes campaign really takes off (like I hope it will!).

We’re so appreciative of Reid for taking the time to give us such great insight. To support their team, click here.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 1.07.36 PM.png

Join BGSU Club Dodgeball, other teams, clubs, Greeks, and other students in raising those extra funds by shopping with Campus Causes!

* Questions and answers edited for length.

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